Specialists in corrosion protection and winch construction in inland waterway transport

Steger & Windhagen has been a competent partner in inland waterway transport for over 40 years. As experts in corrosion protection, specialising in ship cleaning, surface treatment and winch manufacture, we know the typical facts, rules and current statutory regulations in the industry, and can guarantee the implementation required.

As a family firm, we place great value on long-term investments, innovative resources, protective materials and processes, as well as the deployment of modern technologies. Our outstanding strength as a company is our flexibility combined with a highly developed service mentality. Staff and management can be reached by our customers 24/7. In addition to this, we offer extremely short delivery times in the winch construction area and provide speedy assistance, even in the case of unexpected corrosion damage or defects. This approach is enhanced by our specially adapted boat workshop, Willi 1 in Duisburg Port, which enables us to carry out all necessary work in both areas of our business right on the ships of our customers.

We are the hight-performance partner for

Corrosion protection.

winch construction.

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