In the hydraulic engineering area, we have specialised primarily in corrosion protection in the form of extension and restoration work on canals, docks and artificially fixed floors on inland waterway transport lanes. This also includes other stationary or semi-stationary objects like pontoon dredgers, stilt-mounted pontoons, hopper barges, work platforms and sheet pile walls.

In particular, these stationary or semi-stationary objects must be cleared of mussels every 5 – 8 years. Along with “scraping off” the mussel layer professionally, we also handle its disposal as biological waste in an environmentally friendly way.

In hydraulic engineering, our customers can, as usual, rely on the entire service range in the planning and execution of these projects with corrosion protection methods. Our specialists in hydraulic engineering, steel construction and structural engineering have the relevant expertise and the entire range of modern process technology at their disposal.

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