Preservation measures increase the longevity of a ship and all of its metal fittings and superstructure, both inside and outside. Viewed in the long term, scheduled maintenance intervals reduce the owner’s costs as it helps avoid unplanned downtime.

With regard to preservation measures, these days we must consider the ever-increasing importance of treating the environment and material resources responsibly and being aware of the associated statutory regulations.

For this reason, we work in close collaboration with the leading manufacturers of highly specialised, application-related preservation components, such as paint and powder coatings. They have solution systems for every internal and external application from chemical or combustible tanks right up to protective measures that do not present health hazards for the transportation and storage of foodstuffs.

Get in touch with us. Together we find a long-lasting, corrosion-resistant coating for your application – from plants in an aggressive, industrial environment to nautical settings that are subject to often extreme environmental and weather influences.

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